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Electric Gate

Electric Gate

Gate Repair Canyon Country is your premier choice if you are looking for a professional gate company with the combined experience of qualified gate technicians. Our experts provide an easy yet powerful solution for anyone in need of a wide variety of gate services. We specialize in electric gate services whether they are installation, replacement, repairs, and troubleshooting/maintenance.

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Driveway Gate

Driveway Gate

Your number one choice for all of your driveway gate needs is Gate Repair Canyon County. We are the Driveway Gate Specialists with a passion for providing you with the very best in driveway gate services. Our professional staff and qualified gate contractors are always ready to serve you, and we stand by our commitment to being the best.

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Gate Installation

Gate Installation

The county has a population of about 1999,000 people and with the ever growing population; people here need gate installation services so that they can ensure the safety of their families and their property. There are a lot of constructions going on in the county and there are many gate installation canyon country companies to choose from for those who want these services.

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A Comparison of Residential and Commercial Gates

11/04/2013 Back To Blog

A gate or enclosure is perhaps one of the most visible signs of security as it sends a message to outsiders that they should not enter the establishment, unless they know the people living inside or they have legitimate business to do with the commercial establishment.

There are different types of gates available for homeowners today from wrought iron gates to wooden and stainless steel gates. For commercial establishments, sliding and parking garage gates are also popularly used today. Here's a comparison on the differing (and similar) specifications of commercial and residential gates. 

Residential Types

Today's modern residential gate openers come in different forms, from swing gates to sliding gates.

1. Aluminum and stainless steel -Traditional home gates are often made from aluminum and stainless steel, and these are used mainly to protect the home and its residents from theft and unauthorized entry.

2. Slide and swing type - Among the newer variants, there are special types which slide open and close while some swing open depending on the available space on the home's driveway.

3. Electronic or automatic - Homeowners today could also opt for electronic or automatic gates, which could be opened via remote control and often require a code for the homeowner to be allowed access inside. 

Commercial Types

It's not only homes or private residence that require extra security, but commercial establishments too. For commercial variants, there are:

  •  Rolling types
  •  Sliding types
  •  Swing types
  •  single or double-drive types
  •  Automatic types (which have a specialized gate remote program). 

In most instances, security guards and close-circuit cameras are also put in place to assure full security.  And since most businesses today have a lot of valuable equipment and products inside their buildings or stores, they will certainly require more security tools and equipment than private residences. 

Regardless of whether it is used for commercial or residential purposes, their main uses are essentially the same - to protect the property and its residents. It can also help increase property values because they keep squatters out, and they also add a more positive aesthetic effect to any property or establishment.

To choose the best type for residential or commercial clients, gates Canyon Country consultants and experts suggest that the homeowner or business owner first analyze their budget, determine the area's safety

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